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Home / Media Center / The correct way to switch colors and materials for silicone injection molding machines
1. The batch size of the product must correspond to the size of the silicone injection molding machine. This must be emphasized. Many processors had no plans to produce 500 pounds of orders on a 75 machine, resulting in 300 pounds of waste.
2. Write the procedures for cleaning or disassembling each product. This helps operators plan their time and eliminate their disputes about how much material will be produced.
3. Help the operator to place the clean operating tools around the silicone injection molding machine. If the material is changed frequently, set up a workbench around the silicone injection molding machine to prepare everything needed.
4. Study the flow of raw materials and finished products into and out of the operation site, and arrange them so that operators spend less energy on mobile transportation.
5. Remove the requirements of the next product for the cleanliness of the machine. If you know that the next product requires a thorough manual cleaning, then don't waste time and materials to confuse the machine.
6. If possible, schedule production in the order of reducing the number of cleaning machines, which means changing from light to dark. On the contrary, you have to dismantle the machine multiple times.