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The cause of the failure of the vertical injection molding machine is often caused by improper operation and setting, and easy troubleshooting can be done through analysis.
Adjustment of clamping force and low pressure protection of vertical injection molding machine.

Steps: 1. Set the high pressure of mold clamping to 135bar, 10%; set the low pressure speed to 20%, and set the low pressure position to 100mm; set the low pressure time to 5 seconds.
2. Use the advance and retreat of the mold adjustment to establish the clamping force; value of the pressure gauge rising when the system pressure gauge is closing the mold is subject to value, and you can refer to the clamping force hydraulic pressure comparison table.
3. After opening the mold, set the low pressure position to zero.
4. Press the closing mold until the mold is in contact and release immediately. At this time, the movable mold position is assumed to be "X", and the low pressure position is set to "X+1" mm.
5. Then set the low-voltage protection width: the low-voltage protection width is the distance from low speed to low pressure.
6. Set the low-voltage protection time is usually 1.2 seconds.