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PET plastic bottles have the characteristics of lighter texture, high transparency, impact resistance and resistance to breakage, and ease of transportation. They can also prevent carbon dioxide gas and keep soft drinks aerated.
In the past two decades, it has become important liquid and solid packaging container in the country. For packaging bottles of the same diameter, the capacity of PET bottles is 1.5 times that of glass bottles.
Worldwide polyester production is increasing at a double-digit rate.
Medical PET plastic bottles made of polyester as the main raw material have become mainstream packaging containers for medicines, health products, and food due to their stable characteristics and good transparency.
Output is the demand for Bó Lè Plastics Machinery's insights and strategic plans. The PET special injection molding machine has experienced the test of the market and has become a real gold product.
01High efficiency: the high-efficiency plasticizing screw with hair length to diameter ratio originated from Germany, the plasticizing efficiency far exceeds the domestic level by more than 20%.
02 Material saving: the patented central clamping structure can save 2%-5% of raw materials for more than 80% of the molds.
03 Bigger: Increase the plasticizing motor, make the pre-plastic faster, and increase the ejection force.
04 System: Self-developed low-inertia/high-efficiency servo energy-saving system.
05Customization: a variety of core-pulling modes are available.