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Perfect ending | The data of Sonly set new highs in Chinaplas 2023! Let’s meet in Shanghai 2024!

The 4-day CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition was end. Nearly 250000 domestic and foreign audiences, more than 3900 global exhibitors and organizers jointly presented a splendid Exhibition.

This exhibition was the first international exhibition that Sonly participated after the COVID-19, and the brand was renewed and upgraded. All customers have high hopes for Sonly. At the same time, it also attracted interviews and reports from the media in the industry.

Domestic and foreign audiences showed strong interest in our three new machines, and came to consult and negotiate.

Sonly injection molding machines has also attracted the attention of international friends. They discussed future technological development trends and created greater value for users.

Although the Chinaplas 2023 was end, but the effect and results have just begun, We guaranteed to achieve subsequent perfect delivery.

Chinaplas 2024,let’s meet in Shanghai,we will see you there!