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In recent years, with the development of the resin chemical industry, the mold industry, and the machine automatic control component manufacturing industry, the application range of injection molded products has been widely promoted and popularized. As various modified plastics, engineering plastics and composite plastics are used more and more widely, the precision and complexity of plastic products are becoming higher and higher, and it is becoming more and more important to choose the right injection molding machine.
1. Factors affecting the selection of injection molding machines: usually important factors affecting the selection of injection molding machines include product weight repeatability, mold opening position, cycle time, etc. Therefore, the following information must be collected or possessed before making a selection: 1. Product: Dimensions (length, width, height, wall thickness), net weight and total weight, etc.
2. Material: the ratio of raw materials or granulated materials to other materials and crushed materials.
Second, how to choose the model of the injection molding machine.
After obtaining the above information, you can choose the appropriate injection molding machine according to the following steps: The model and series are determined by the product and plastic. When a customer chooses an injection molding machine, the first step is to determine the structure of the injection molding machine: vertical injection molding machine, angle injection molding machine, or horizontal injection molding machine according to the product's take-out direction and mold structure. There is little difference in the structure of the glue injection machines of the major manufacturers, and the structure difference is mainly in the clamping structure.