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Development History

    OELY introduction

    Mr. Lin Mingguo, the founder of this factory, was born in a poor family. Because of poverty, he picked up the wastes in the roadside and used them to make some simple toys. Then he changed those toys with other children to get some small money to support the family expenses. As an intelligent and sensible child, he sware at heart for sure he will change the life of poverty. One day, his school organized an activity to visit plastic processing factories. When he watched the injection molding machine in production on site, he just stand there and was unwilling to leave. This was the first time he found the charm of machine.

    After graduated, he chose to work in factory without hesitation. At this time, he found the injection molding machine production in the next factory was so bad. Always they was repairing the machines, within each 10 days they had to repair for 8 days, the production efficiency was very low. Being love with studying, this made him extremely interested. He thought it is not that difficult to produce injection molding machines with stable quality. He decided to found an injection molding machine enterprise. At the beginning, there were only 8 workers include himself, they produced the first injection molding machine of OELY in a small 400 square meters workshop. It was a manual dialing type single proportion injection machine, with clamping force of only 500KN and injection weight of less than 100 grams. But when it started running, all the group workers were full of cheering and exciting.

    In the following years, they invested OELY brand double proportion injection machine, computer control type automatic injection machine and variable pump injection machine etc. “We must follow the market requirement and keep improving”, emphasized by Mr. Lin Mingguo every time in OELY conferences. At that time injection molding machine factories in China produced machines according to their own production schedule, they couldn’t change machine according to the requirements of customers. Taking the pipe fitting products for example, their features required injection machine with big injection volume but not so big clamping force. In this case, customers do not want to expend more money to chose a larger injection molding machine only to meet with the injection volume. According to this feedback from the distributors and clients, OELY started to invest new machine for this project. They produced the first injection machine specially used for pipe fitting products. From then on, customers can be satisfied with the production requirement with just a little bit more price than common machines, while they shorted the return period of investment and reduced electricity cost.

    Until now, OELY has been developed and became an enterprise with scale, which include injection machine production, processing, research and development all together. The enterprise occupies 60000 square meters. There are different kinds of large and small processing centers, numerical control machine tools and high precision inspecting equipment, which is capable to produce injection molding machine with clamping force from 100 tons to 3400 tons. The new brand “SONLY” series injection molding machine has been totally improved according to the new generation of common injection molding machines, which has features of strong structure, reasonable design, stable running, wide application and high automation. Meanwhile, applied with servo technology to reduce electricity cost of machine, it can save maximum 80% energy, so as to reduce the production cost for customers. “SONLY” series machine is updated based on the experiences of OELY in the past years. It provides many different models for customers to choose, and also accept customerized machine production to meet with special market requirements of different products.

    With the increasing of labor cost day by day, automatic intelligent machine will be the developing direction of OELY in the future. Its vision is to offer the best solution program for plastic products and help customers to build a full production line of intelligent equipment for plastic products. In a word, OELY means to make customers competitive and successful.

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