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Technology Capability

    Production Workshop

    By applying advanced production equipment, excellent professional staff,

    complete training system and good corporate atmosphere,

    we supply you with the first-class products, zero defect is our target and satisfying you is our commitment.

    Assembly Area


    Processing Equipment Area

    Excellent quality must have good technology and good processing equipment to ensure it, so that OELY spend heavily

    in the introduction of peer-feading large CNC boring and milling machine, large-scale horizontal gantry milling machines,

    machining centers, sheet metal laser cutting machine and other equipment to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the production.


    Testing Equipment

    Inspection team of OELY are senior people in the industry, has a wealth of expertise and experience,

    in order to the perfect product, is the introduction of peer-leading 3-dimensional testing center.


    Finished Product Area


    Automatic Spray Paint Room


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