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Technology Capability

    Advantages Of Shouli Series


    One.The Lock Section

    1.Arch template, effectively protects the mould, especially suitable for big template with small mould.

    2.The electronic ruler is installed on the crosshead, the position is more precise.

    3.The front connecting rod uses connected structure, increases the rod strength, and easy for assembly.

    4.The connected tail-board stills itself with big lock shaft, improves tail-board strength, and ensures zero abrasion of the tail-board, easy for maintenance.

    5.Connected movable plate, improves its rigidity and reduces deformation.

    6.Connected thrust bearing, improves its strength and stills itself with small lock shaft, ensures zero abrasion.

    7.Arch template fully complies with mechanical property, largely improves template strength.

    8.More reasonable toggle design, speeds and stabilizes mould opening and closing.

    9.Adjustable movable plate mounting plate, makes the installation easier.

    10.Mixed design of T-shape groove and die hole, increases universality of the mould.




    Advantages Of Shouli Series


    Two.The Injection Section

    1.Bridge type support, improves injection smoothness.

    2.Longer length-diameter ratio screw design, improves plasticizing effect.

    3.Double seal structure, ensures no oil leakage.

    4.Withhold type press plate, easy for debugging and assembly.

    5.Bijection structure, improves stability.

    Three.The Hydraulic Section

    1.Movable fuel tank, the interior of the fuel tank is spray treated, ensure the cleanliness of the fuel.

    2.Differential spotting design for small type machines, increases spotting speed and reduces molding cycle.

    3.Integrated design for hydraulic relief valve, fully complies with national and CE standards.

    4. Separate design for injection valve plate and pressure valve, reduces energy loss.

    Four.Other Components

    1.Hermetic metal plate, meets safety standards, and guarantees the safety of the user.

    2.The electricity is connected with the rack, improves rack rigidity.






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